Is a single premium annuity a good investment for wealth protection?

This bear market has people not opening their 401(k) statements. Bear markets have an average life span of 18-months and requires nearly 5 years to recover from. Unless you have a massive risk-focused cash reserve to the likes of Warren Buffet, do you feel it’s smart to risk the retirement nest egg you’ve worked for decades to build?

A single premium annuity is one of the best strategies to offset a Bear Market:


Guarantee Your Principal

A single premium annuity has a dual focus. First, as a solution for wealth protection when the markets decline. The principal is protected from market declines and your return floor is 0%. The value never goes negative. Second, they provide wealth accumulation when the markets begin increasing in value.


Provide Upside Growth

Upside growth potential can be quite substantial. The top income annuity companies will have between 8-16 different indexes for you to select from. These can be reallocated annually based on the previous year’s performance.


No Contribution Limits

Unlike your IRA or 401(k) plan, a single premium annuity has no contribution limits. While the IRA is losing value, you can move your contributions to the annuity with the confidence your principal is guaranteed against market declines. Why throw good money at bad?


Lifetime Income Annuity Guarantees

If you have a need for income to compliment Social Security or other pensions, annuities can provide a lifetime income you are not capable of outliving. Any remaining account value at your death is paid to heirs and bypasses probate.

And these are just the most prevelant use of Annuities in your retirement strategy. Watch this video to hear from a man who invested a sizeable amount of his assets into annuities in January 2008. His timing was presious, as it was just a few months before the housing crash that sent the markets into a 49% downward spiral over the next 2 years.  His exact quote 14 years later is:


“I’ve never looked back… never a second thought.”


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